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How many forklift manufacturers have a range of models to handle every different type of job you can imagine? None. So here at ABEC we carry lots of different makes and models, meaning we’re able to match specific machines to specialised jobs. When even little compromises could cost you time and money in the long run, don’t risk it. An ABEC expert can visit your business to assess your site, your needs, even the terrain you’re dealing with, and recommend the right machine for the job.

ABEC is now located at 7 Ginger street Paget.

A lot of businesses will go on about how versatile and flexible they are – but at ABEC, we’ve built a business on it. The new forklift sales, short and long-term rental with or without drivers, pre-owned forklifts, fleet management – we really DO do it all. Whether you need to buy a 10-tonne forklift for your business, or just need a one-hour hire to shift a fridge downstairs, we’ll be more than happy to help. Ongoing business relationships or little one-off jobs, ABEC has the answers.